My dream vanity is finally here

Two years ago I started blogging on Google Blogspot. My first blog was about my creative solution on having a kind of a vanity. Because of my low budget, I made a space in my closet and bought a medium sized mirror… and violà… there I had it, my own tiny vanity. I was very happy with it and very proud of myself. 

It’s also exactly three years ago that I got enthusiastic about make up, watching a lot of tutorials on YouTube. A year later I had my tiny vanity. And today, I got my dream vanity. It’s amazing, I had a vanity with a big mirror in my teenage years. But when I went abroad to study, I never missed it. And I never thought of having a vanity again, until this last three to two years. And now it’s a reality. The mirror I got last year, the vanity I bought this month, and the last three years I got enough experience on applying make up. So all it’s in place now to really enjoy my vanity. 

 During my summer holidays in Italy, I did some serious shopping. I wanted to post a haul, I’ll just add here what I bought. 

I bought some storage boxes at MUJI on the Go. I bought some make up and skin care products at Sephora, and some nailpolish at Kiko. I also got some beauty products at L’Occitane and Lush. I am a very lucky girl and can’t wait to try all the goodies I got. 

Since last year I’ve been blogging on WordPress, now I feel like this is also a closure to this period that started three years ago. And it’s been great, I’ve learnt a lot but now it’s time to say goodbye. This is an experience that cannot be taken away from me. Now it’s time for me to learn new things. Thank you all that following me on this short blog journey, keep up the good work.


Shopping in Amsterdam – part two

A couple of weeks ago we went to Amsterdam to go shopping again. This time we did manage to go to the Topshop store. And as soon as my youngest daughter stepped into the store and she saw the prices, she almost ran out of the store… At first she was very determined to shop there but was soon discouraged. I liked the clothes and they do have great accessories, I fell in love with a dress and had to try it on. Let’s say it looked better on the mannequin.   


We revisit the Pull & Bear store. There both my daughters shopped till they dropped. 





We went to Forever 21 and saw some great clothes and accessories. 

 At Bershka I got a great item suitable for the festival season. It will look great with some jeans shorts.   

We had some sweetness on the go.



My brother went also along, and it’s like tradition: making funny faces 😜


All in all it was a very succesful shopping day… 


A great tip for eyebrow Make Up

Eyebrows are really hot right now. Many big make-up brands are bringing eyebrow products to the market. Like pencils [Rimmel London, Make Up Forever, BH cosmetics] and brow kits [Anastacia Beverly Hills, Benefit, ELF], brow gels [NYX Cosmetics, Rimmel] and brow creams [MAC, Too Faced]. 

Lately I’ve been using a brow cream, and to apply it to fill in my eyebrows I’m using an angled brush. But my cream is a bit dry, but it’s still okay to use it. So, and this is my tip, to keep it easy to apply I dip my brush in a bit of vaseline first and then I dip my brush in the brow cream. It makes it so much easy to fill in my eyebrows. In stead of vaseline you can also use a lipbalm. 

I’ve put a bit of the vaseline in a small pot. In that way it’s next to my brow cream and easy accessible.

These is the result after I filled in my brows. I tried many different things, like pencils and brow powder. The brow cream is my favorite for a couple of months now. And the tip has helped me lots.


Just discovered: two cruelty free Cosmetic brands

Last month I already saw some YouTubers praising this brand. Miss Maven used their lip tar and she was very enthousiastic about the texture and the colors.


I am all for organic and cruelty free cosmetics. And for me they should have pretty packaging too. So I am a fan of brands like Urban Decay, Josie Maran and Tarte Cosmetics. And this new one, Obsesive Compulsive Cosmetics also known as OCC match my conditions.


Not only they have this impressive lip tar in more than 40 shades. They also have cosmetics color pencils in very beautiful colors and everything for your face, from primer to concealer and more. They also sell make up brushes. It’s a brand certain to keep an eye on.

The second brand that cought my attention, I recently discovered, and this organic brand focuses on skin care products. It’s called Tata Harper, named after the founder, and their goal is to deliver luxurious anti-aging products that are free of synthetic and chemical ingredients.


Tata Harper not only sells Skincare products like facial cleansers, brightening serums and masks. They also have body oils and some cosmetics products like lip and cheek tints. The packages all have the color green, which is one of my favorite colors, and they all have a very luxurious look. I’ll say this is a must have for your Skincare collection.



It’s a brand that is already some time now on the market. It’s a bit pricey, but than… It’s much much better for your skin.

Trending in eyeshadow land: Dual eyeshadow palettes

Funny thing is that the trick of using water or a fix spray or eyedrops to intensify an eyeshadow color is out there for years now. I used this trick for my 2013 X- mas look… I remember this so well. I combined purple and gold and used water to intensify the gold eyeshadow. It’s best to use a damp make up brush instead of a wet brush.


Smashbox was the first to bring a transformation eyeshadow palette in december: the Double Exposure palette. It has 14 colors and by using water you then have 28 colors at your disposal. That's because the colors from this palette transform into another color when you add water. It made me think of toys that by adding cold or hot water they change color.


Now this month, there is one other brand that also launched their version of this apparantly new trend: NARS cosmetics introduces NARSissist 8 Dual-Intensity eyeshadows.


I’ll keep using water or eyedrops to intensify colors of my eyeshadow palettes. And having a transformation palette from Smashbox or NARS is much more like a nice to have.