A great tip for eyebrow Make Up

Eyebrows are really hot right now. Many big make-up brands are bringing eyebrow products to the market. Like pencils [Rimmel London, Make Up Forever, BH cosmetics] and brow kits [Anastacia Beverly Hills, Benefit, ELF], brow gels [NYX Cosmetics, Rimmel] and brow creams [MAC, Too Faced]. 

Lately I’ve been using a brow cream, and to apply it to fill in my eyebrows I’m using an angled brush. But my cream is a bit dry, but it’s still okay to use it. So, and this is my tip, to keep it easy to apply I dip my brush in a bit of vaseline first and then I dip my brush in the brow cream. It makes it so much easy to fill in my eyebrows. In stead of vaseline you can also use a lipbalm. 

I’ve put a bit of the vaseline in a small pot. In that way it’s next to my brow cream and easy accessible.

These is the result after I filled in my brows. I tried many different things, like pencils and brow powder. The brow cream is my favorite for a couple of months now. And the tip has helped me lots.



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