New at the drugstore: the Genius Glow from L’Oreal

After the BB Cream and the CC Cream hype, we now have the… (drum roll please)…

GG cream. GG stands for Genius Glow, and when I read that I had to smile. What a way that is to call this bronzing product. Because that is what the main aim of this product, and not just to bronze your skin… But to Glam Bronze your skin. Actually it’s a BB Cream combined with a Bronzer. With this product you get the sunkissed skin effect in an instant. This comes in one colour and it adjust to any skin colour because of the bronzing micropigments. It will be great to use during the summer, and it will keep and extend your sun-colored skin. This beauty product will hydrate your skin for 24 hours and has 15 SPF.

L Oreal GG Cream 24022015

Because of the low SPF, I recommend to use it when:

* going out for a stroll on the boulevard,

* or shopping at the shopping mall,

* and certainly in the afternoon and evenings when going out for dinner or dancing.

I’ll certainly try it out this summer.

Have a great day.


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