Trending in eyeshadow land: Dual eyeshadow palettes

Funny thing is that the trick of using water or a fix spray or eyedrops to intensify an eyeshadow color is out there for years now. I used this trick for my 2013 X- mas look… I remember this so well. I combined purple and gold and used water to intensify the gold eyeshadow. It’s best to use a damp make up brush instead of a wet brush.


Smashbox was the first to bring a transformation eyeshadow palette in december: the Double Exposure palette. It has 14 colors and by using water you then have 28 colors at your disposal. That's because the colors from this palette transform into another color when you add water. It made me think of toys that by adding cold or hot water they change color.


Now this month, there is one other brand that also launched their version of this apparantly new trend: NARS cosmetics introduces NARSissist 8 Dual-Intensity eyeshadows.


I’ll keep using water or eyedrops to intensify colors of my eyeshadow palettes. And having a transformation palette from Smashbox or NARS is much more like a nice to have.


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