Review: L’Oréal Age Perfect facial wipes

This is the first review I ever done, cuz I’m not much of a review type. But guys, I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by.

This is the best facial wipes I have ever used until now. Seriously. I have tried several other brands: Nivea, Diadermal, Neutrogena and several other unknown brands to the large public.

Since a week or two I am using the L’Oréal Age Perfect facial wipes and they are truly luxury for your face. The smell is like entering a Spa in a five stars Hotel. I can’t enough of it. The texture of the wipes is so soft, it’s super gentle to your face. Some wipes go dry in your hands while using it. This one stays moist even after one day of use! My skin loves this facial wipes cuz it take very well care of it.

This facial wipe is five stars worth. I really recommend it to everyone.IMG_7775.JPG


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