Lippies… or better yet… Liptiful

Who doesn’t want fuller lips without the fuss of paying too much and enduring too much pain? I would!

Liptiful 02Liptiful 01

Two weeks ago I saw this vid on Youtube where Kandee Johnson showed this device where you can get fuller lips and it won’t cost you too much money nor too much pain! Because you won’t need to use Botox.
The Liptiful adds more volume, produce good fluid, erase lines AND build lip muscles. It will also help you relax as you consistently use it.
I think it’s a perfect way to get fuller lips and loose those lines with a minimum of time and it’s only a small investment. And you are helping a small family business in the US who are making this in their garage…
The lippies come in different sizes and shapes; the heart shape, the round shape and the lip/oval shape. You have to build the use by starting with 20 seconds at the beginning and end up around 1 minute. You should stop when it starts hurting your lips.

Liptiful 04 Liptiful 03
I tried to visit their website, but it crashed when I tried to visit it due to all the attention it’s getting. And on they are out of stock. You have to wait 10 to 14 days to get your order.
The best thing is that it’s a great investment above all because YOU have the control on how full you want your lips to be.

Thank you Kandee Johnson for sharing this.

Liptiful’s website:


Casual oufit yet with a bold statement

The musthave shoes for this summer is the Wraparound pump or sandal.
Love love these shoes!!!
I combined them with a boyfriend jeans, a wide blouse in almost the same color as the jeans. To make the outfit complete, I added a bold necklace.
That should make a bold statement.

OOTW 13062014
In the picture I combined the outfit with a black wraparound sandal. I have my eyes set on a set of red wraparound pump.
With red shoes I would wear the combination with e white blouse.

Musthave wrapped sandals summer 2014
You can wear this combination for a fun night out with friends, or to go to a festival.
This outfit is comfortable yet powerful.

It just says you’ve got Style!