Accessories: this time necklaces

Hello Stylistas,

This time I am going to talk about necklaces. A couple of weeks a go I was totally into necklaces.

I was especially trying to use what I already got, but wear it in another way.

A couple of days before my urge for wearing necklaces again I was looking at some YouTube vids.

And right then I got inspired. I also got my inpsiration by looking at pictures on Pinterest.

[You can find me on Pinterest with StyleLysa.]

So on three occasions I wore a necklace, but in antoher way then I was used too wear them.

In the picures below you can see what I mean.

I also made pictures with the same necklace worn in several ways. I hope you get inspired too.

Necklaces blogpost 11 april


Any help with shopping for clothes or make-up?

In the past two months I had the opportunity to help a couple of ladies who were in search for something new.

One of them wanted my advice on making new clothing combinations using more colors. And while we were

shopping we talked about her life and what she wanted to improve. I am so lucky to have the chance to

experience this. Because we were doing something fun whilst addressing some personal things too. She

didn’t only bought some wonderful pieces that day, she got some tips and a pep talk from me that helped her

a lot. Making the appointment with me and following up on that was already an achievement for her. I’m looking

forward to the next shopping spree.

The next two ladies that I went shopping along with, wanted help with make-up. I have given a make-up workshop

where these two charming ladies attended, and they asked me if I could go shop with them for make-up. Of course

I want to do that. It was a wonderful evening where we went shopping not only for make-up but also for skincare

products. You have to take extra care of your skin when you are using make-up. I not only give advice on products

and brands, I also encouraged one of them to start using organic oils to nourish your skin. You are never too late to

start with that. Their feedback is as follows:

“You spent just the right amount of time on everything: the searching, the advising, the telling about each product, etc. and the excursion was neither too long nor too short.”

“You also show your knowledge by how you apply it to your own face and body: the makeup, the fashion, and how you carry yourself.”

“i liked that you know A LOT about make up. i also really liked that you were able to tell me why a certain thing is better/worse than another item (like the mascara).”

“i like that you know all kinds of handy tips and tricks to make us look our best (like the cupid bow trick).”

So ladies, when in need of advice, you can contact me. Happy shopping and happy you.